• ShareHub Account
  • To get a ShareHub Account
    Create a ShareHub Account from the ShareHub homepage ( or on our android app or USSD.
  • Request for copies of Identity document
    If we request a document to verify your identity with certain documents, this is for us to meet the KYC (Know Your Customer) requirements. Scan and Upload copies of your document(s) in your my account page. Extra verification documents include: Copy of National ID, Copy of Passport, Copy of KRA PIN Certificate, Proof of Address.
  • How do I choose what companies I get notifications about?
    Go to My Account on the top right corner,Click on Account Notifications and select the companies you would like to to be notified whenever there is an update on Market News, Corporate Actions and when the predicted share price for automatic sale or buy is reached.
  • When do I change or set my password?
    Once you suspect the password is no longer private. Ensure to choose a strong/secure password that has a combination of upper and lower case letters, a number and a special character(s), and one you have not already used previously with this account.
  • Forgot password
    Follow the steps to creating a new password here.
  • Why am I seeing an error message?
    The app is being upgraded or if in registration, your number or email was already used to register.
  • Account Recovery
    If your Account has been blocked, you will receive an email from the ShareHub Team.
  • Account Security
    You will receive a phone call from ShareHub Team, you will be asked questions to confirm if it is your account. You are advised to answer as best as you can. Please note the call will be recorded for security purposes.
  • ShareHub Play & Learn
  • Edu gaming - Wazito Shares Challenge
    To enjoy virtual Trading, register for our Wazito Shares Challenge: This enables you to trade in the NSE market with virtual cash buying virtual stocks and test your trading prowess. You will be able to guage yourself by the ranking against other players. The winner each month will be rewarded.
  • Testing your knowledge on investing
    Take a quiz on our Jikuze Quizzes to test your knowledge and learn more about the Capital Markets and Investing.
  • ShareHub Invest
  • M-Pesa - Wallet deposit
    ShareHub Pay Bill Number: 761974
    Account Name: ShareHub Account Number
  • Bank - Wallet Deposit
    ShareHub Bank: Absa Bank Kenya /03
    Branch: Plaza /077
    Account name: ShareHub Nominees Ltd.
    Account number: 2041898618
  • How to cancel a deposit
    Confirm the cash is in your wallet balance and withdraw as necessary.
  • What are the trading hours?
    The Nairobi Securities Exchange (NSE) Market opens at 09:00AM to 03:00PM.
  • Investments you can make on shareHub.
    All stocks trading under the Nairobi Securities Exchange (NSE).
  • The price of a particular stock yesterday e.g. ABSA Kenya
    Go to market information and check on Absa Kenya.
  • General Information
  • If you are still having issues accessing your account via our mobile app/web, it would be useful to obtain the following information before contacting our Client Engagement team to help improve resolution times for issues:
    -Account ID and email address
    -A summary of the problem you are experiencing
    -Have you tried replicating the issue on another machine? If so was it successful?
    -Date and time the issue occurred
    -Screenshot of any error you may have received
    -What operating system and browser are you using?
    -If using the mobile application, what handset are you using?
    -Are you on a wired or wireless connection?
    -What Internet Service Provider are you using?
    -Visit our contact center after the above and Still have questions?
  • Fees and Commissions
    Check the tariff guide to view all rates and fees.
  • Visit our FAO's to know more

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