ShareHub TM offers a virtual environment where you can sharpen your trading skills by testing yourself in the ShareHub TM virtual market gaming. The play component is based on learning through gaming and the games promise to develop and sharpen your trading experience- a great way to gain necessary skills, take the big step to go live and actually invest in the NSE.

Jikuze Quizzes

Learn or refresh your investment knowledge with these quizzes. They are interesting questions revolving around financial market jargon. Best of all questions answered correctly earns you tokens which you can convert to virtual money for the other games challenges.

Wazito Shares Challenge

This is a stock market simulation game. It’s a virtual stock market with virtual companies across various sectors. The game simulates the market by providing opinion articles and press releases which trigger market reactions and stock price changes. The triggers are displayed as notifications in the game and players use this information to make trading decisions.

Stock Street Game

This is a market simulation game based on the Nairobi Securities Exchange (NSE), a fun, low-risk format for learning before moving into real-time investing in a virtual market. Players make trading decisions that are limited to the NSE 20 share index companies and you gauge your performance with the closing prices from the market. The game is available for individual players, team players and league tournaments.

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